Members of the Xarxa d’Hotels Sostenibles have access to an online information system designed to monitor sustainability indicators covering the environment, social, and production areas. This is the online tool.

The system of indicators allows:

  • Internal benchmarking: monitoring the hotel’s indicators over time
  • External benchmarking: comparing the hotel’s indicators with those of other hotels on an anonymous basis.

Furthermore, thanks to the Agreement executed with the FEHM in June 2014 for the promotion of sustainability in the hotel sector, we have sections by Hotel Associations in Majorca and we expect that the majority of hotel establishments will decide to administer and analyse their indicators with this tool.

For those establishments that are not members of the XHSB, they can fill out this form and we will send them the information they need in order to access and work out their energy consumption, water consumption, carbon footprint (CO2 emissions into the atmosphere), or whether their waste generation is higher or lower than the average for everyone else, including by geographical area, or in accordance with other criteria.

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